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Aurita Herbals is a natural skin care range. At Aurita we keep in mind that you have limited time from your daily schedule, to indulge in skin care. Hence we bring to you products which are carefully hand made, keeping in mind Age old Ayurvedic recipes. Aurita is a synergistic and conscientious blend of Indian Herbs with International food quality ingredients. Offering the best of both worlds to you i.e. Heritage Old Recipes, Authentic Ingredients and Mordern Application Method

Our Belief

Developing a world class, Solution Oriented range is a time taking process. It’s an amalgamation of passionate Art with proven Science. Art because each product is very special and one has to choose ingredients very carefully. Getting the recipes right till the point where one falls in love with the preparation. Science because these food quality ingredients have been clinically tested and have proven results

Why Aurita

We get to know a product by using three of our five senses: Vision, Smell & Touch. While planning to pick a product for the first time, we have to trust our senses..The uniqueness of an Aurita preparation is that, the moment you uncap the jar and smell, you will sense the main ingredients in it. Every pure living ingredient will stand out, permeate skin and feed cells from deep within. The distinguishing aroma of ingredients, remain with you even after your remove the application. Only after using soap, the aroma will subside, clearly indicating the authenticity and quantity of essntial oils & extracts used.

Our Aim

To provide "solution oriented" and  "treatment based" products for daily care, making use of profound Ayurvedic knowledge and Heritage Solutions that a country like ours has to offer.

We are based out of Delhi: Our main markets Delhi, Lucknow, Bhopal, Indore, Bangalore, Mysore, Jaipur to name a few.

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